The Fourth Pre-con Meeting Was Held
01 November 2023
The Fourth Pre-con Meeting Was Held

We are honored to announce that Bu-Ali Sina University (Hamedan, Iran) held the Fourth pre-con meeting of the International Conference on Imam Reza (PBUH) and Interreligious Dialogue on October 30, 2023. In this pre-con meeting, four religious leaders and researches presented their topics –in Persian- as follows:



Habibollah Shabani Mowathaqi (Muslim Clergy; Representative of Supreme Leader in Hamedan Province, Imam of Friday Prayer  in Hamedan)

Function of Family in Islam

Qodratollah Niyazi (Ph. D.; Muslim Clergy; Faculty Member, Department of Theology, Bu-Ali Sina University)

Islam’s Encounter with the Role of Family

Daryavoush Azizian (Priest of Assyrian Church of the East in Urmia)

Position of Family in the Assyrian Church

Arash Abaie (Researcher in Judaism, Member of Iranian Jewish Committee in Tehran)

Effects of Interfaith Dialogue on Societies



The English/Arabic abstracts of the four presentations will be uploaded in the news section of the website in a few days.