We are honored to announce that Woman and Family Research Institute (Qom, Iran) held the Eighth pre-con meeting of the International Conference on Imam Reza (PBUH) and Interreligious Dialogue on December 4, 2023. In this pre-con meeting, three faculty members  presented their topics –in Persian- as follows:



Somayyeh Arab Khorasani (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Woman and Family, University of Religions and Denominations)

The Role of Gender and Religious Teachings in Forming Strategies for Preserving Family

Amir Mohajermilani (Assistant Professor, Department of Jurisprudence and Law, Woman and Family Research Institute)

Historical Theology and Family Issues in Contemporary Iran

Fahimeh Zare’ (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Studies, Woman and Family Research Institute)

Religious Concepts and Coherence of Family Life