The Fifth Pre-con Meeting Was Held
03 December 2023
The Fifth Pre-con Meeting Was Held


We are honored to announce that Yazd University (Yazd, Iran) held the Fifth pre-con meeting of the International Conference on Imam Reza (PBUH) and Interreligious Dialogue on November 8, 2023. In this pre-con meeting, five Muslim, Jewish, and Zoroastrian religious leaders, faculty members, and researchers  presented their topics –in Persian- as follows:



Mehraban Pouladi (Head of Association of Iranian Mobeds; Ph. D. in Ancient Cultures and Languages)

Ethics in Zoroastrianism

Mohammad Hossein Fahimnia (Ph. D.; Muslim Clergy; Faculty Member, Department of Islamic Teachings, Yazd University)

Civilizational Functions of Imam Reza’s Debates with Scholars from Different Religions

Mohammad Hossein Mahdavinejad (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Payame Noor University in Yazd)

Anthropological Foundations of Ethics Based on Imam Reza’s Life (Al-Sīra)

Arash Abaie (Researcher in Judaism, Member of Iranian Jewish Committee in Tehran)

The Terms of Interreligious Dialogue

Reza Akbari (Professor, Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Imam Sadiq University)

Practical Innovations for Interreligious Dialogue; Case Study of “Common Word”



The English/Arabic abstracts of the five presentations will be uploaded in the news section of the website in a few days.