Mr. Rasoul RAHBARI GHAZANI's Presentation at the Conference
29 January 2024
Mr. Rasoul RAHBARI GHAZANI's Presentation at the Conference

For those interested, the videos and abstracts of the English sessions of the conference are uploaded:

*Presentation Title: Interfaith Resonance: Jesus Christ in Rūmī’s Teachings

*Presenter: Rasoul RAHBARI GHAZANI (Ph. D Candidate, Department of Philosophy of Religion, Faculty of Theology, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)

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This paper elucidates Rūmī’s perspective toward Christianity, particularly Jesus Christ’s (PBUH) role in spiritual progression. The paper’s thesis posits that Rūmī’s teachings reveal a profound interconnectedness and shared spiritual truths across religious narratives and the dissolution of ideological differences upon attaining spiritual elevation, emphasizing Jesus’s role in spiritual development and portraying a mutual emphasis on themes such as love, self-improvement, and enlightenment in Christianity and Islam. This examination points to love as the fundamental similarity between Rūmī and Jesus Christ’s teachings. Rūmī’s conception of love as a transformative and alleviating force aligns with Jesus Christ’s commandment to love God and one’s neighbor. The paper further portrays Jesus in Rūmī’s work, underscoring the latter’s respectful and inclusive perspective toward Christianity. Rūmī recognizes the validity of both the Muḥammadan path and that of Jesus, hinting at a common end despite their differences—nonetheless, he prioritizes the Muḥammadan path. The paper also reveals Rūmī’s symbolism of Jesus as a divine figure, a life-giver, and the embodiment of spiritual rebirth. The paper examines Mathnawī, Dīwān, and Fīh Mā Fīh, the Bible and Quran, and secondary scholarly sources—allowing for a comprehensive understanding of Rūmī’s perspectives, underpinning his profound respect for Christianity and its prophet. The paper starts with an introduction to Rūmī’s universal spiritual perspective, progressing into a discussion of the shared concept of love between Rūmī’s and Jesus’s teachings, and finally analyzes Rūmī’s portrayal of Jesus. This exploration illuminates Rūmī’s teachings’ cross-religious resonances, fostering a deeper understanding of universal spirituality.