Dr. Ali Sharaf's Presentation at the Conference
30 January 2024
Dr. Ali Sharaf's Presentation at the Conference

For those interested, the videos and abstracts of the English sessions of the conference are uploaded:

*Presentation Title: Islamic Ethics as Moral Phenomenology

*Presenter: Ali Sharaf (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait)

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The Islamic tradition is rich with a vast corpus of texts dedicated to ethical considerations, leading some scholars to assert that Islam's ultimate goal is ethical in nature. While it is undeniably true that Islam contains a substantial body of material addressing moral teachings, it lacks a comprehensive theory of moral philosophy that systematically and critically analyzes moral values and principles. Consequently, scholars have noted this absence of a structured moral philosophy in the primary Islamic sources. This observation has prompted diverse responses within Islamic scholarship to address the apparent gap in a rigorous moral philosophy. This paper explores how Islamic moral teachings, viewed as a form of moral phenomenology, offer a distinct perspective on ethics. It discusses scholars' responses to Islam's lack of a clear moral philosophy, defines "moral phenomenology," critiques existing Islamic ethical theories, highlights the importance of intention in Islamic teachings, and argues that Islamic moral teachings should be understood through a moral phenomenological lens, emphasizing individual perception and mental states in determining ethical value.